Smugglers' Bazaar


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Smugglers' Bazaar

The Karkhano Market has gained notoriety for the weapons and opiates sold in its closed-off-to-foreigners far end; venturing here without a trusted guide is an endeavour we do not endorse. The sprawling shopping area leading up to here, however, can be visited freely, although remaining vigilant at all times is essential.


Shopping is an art form in Peshawar, where avid bargain-hunters will feel right at home. Haggling is well-expected at markets (initial prices can be easily brought down by at least a third), and is even acceptable at some shops where prices appear to be fixed. Items to look out for include traditional chapli sandals, Afghani pakol (wool hats), pottery, brass and copper wares, quality fabrics, woven rugs, and more. Note that some areas, such as the Smugglers' Market, are best visited with a local guide.