Khyber Pass


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Khyber Pass

Security is of concern at present and trips to the Khyber Pass are best left for a better time (check official safety advice at your planned time of travel), but do seize the opportunity when the opportunity comes. The pass has long been a gateway to South Asia (part of the ancient Silk Route), travelled by merchants, explorers and conquerors, the likes of Alexander the Great and Mughals, a channel that now connects Pakistan to the troubled Afghan territories via Torkham. Michni Checkpoint is as far as most visitors can count on getting.

Do & See

Given that most city exploration is done during daylight hours, there is plenty to easily fill a space of a few days. Apart from the must-dos of Peshawar Museum and the Old Town, one unusual attraction is the 1920s Khyber Railway, trips on which are only possible by prior appointment. Depending on their planned time of travel, adventure-seekers might want to look into visiting one of the notorious gun factories in the outlying Tribal Areas (or the infamous Darra Adam Khel), but doing so outside of a guided tour can be highly dangerous and is strongly advised against.