Cafe Crunch


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Cafe Crunch

Cafe Crunch is a pleasant surprise - unlike at many other city eateries, guests are welcome to linger for longer than the exact amount of time it takes to finish a meal, which is great news for those who happen to love the breezy courtyard. The menu lists a selection of meals and snacks, including the recommended steaks and pizza, as well as desserts and soft drinks. There is live music in the evenings.


Green tea (or kahwah) is the Peshawari beverage of choice. The age-old recipe dictates that tea be brewed in a large copper container (samovar), with spices like saffron, cinnamon and cardamom added for fragrance and flavor. Nowadays, liberties are often taken with the original recipe, but drinking kahwah remains an indispensable tradition. Another noteworthy treat is the falooda, a sweet dessert drink prepared with rose syrup, basil, jello bits and milk.